Webinar 4 - communication

Marketing of baptism. How have churches found new ways of communicating baptism?

Date: Monday 10th May 13-15 (CET)


  • Ingeborg Dybvig, Director of communication department, Church of Norway National Council, NO, 
  • Lena Andersson, project leader, Project Baptism, the diocese of Lund, Church of Sweden,
  • Marcel Salinder, communications officer for Project Baptism, diocese of Lund, Church of Sweden,
  • Halldor Reynisson, project leader, ELCI, IS
  • Comment: Laura Hanna Kokkonen, Doctoral Researcher, Study of Religions, Faculty of Theology, University of Helsinki, FI



Chair: Steinunn Björnsdottir


Introductory text

As a response to the decline in the number of baptisms, Nordic churches has developed new form of communication about baptism. This includes printed material, use of social media, adverising in magazines, and cinema commersials. In this webinar people responsible for communication in the churches will present what they have done and the thinking behind it. Their presentation will be commented from a media scolarly perspective.