Webinar 2 - qualitative and empirical perspectives

Why should I baptize my child? Qualitative perspectives on new patterns in use of infant baptism

Date: Wednesday 24th March 13-15 (CET)



Ida Marie Høgh, Professor in sociology of religion, University of Agder, NO, CONF

Karen Marie Sø Leth-Nissen, University of Copenhagen/ FUV, DK

Comment: Hanna Salomäki, Director at Church Research Institute, FIN


Chair: Jonas Adelin Jørgensen


Introductory text

While infant baptism used to be a tradition that was taken for granted by most people, in our time baptizing one’s child is today more often a result of a conscious choice. Through empirical data, researchers have been able to analyze reasons for such choices and the cultural pattern they are embedded in. In this webinar, recent research will be presented and discussed.