We welcome engagement in the baptismal pilot project. The contribution of the project is to to bring existing knowledge together in a descriptive, analytical and comparative manner. This is partly done by documentation and written analyses which you at this website. But equally important, it is also done by bringing together people from various contexts (researchers, practitioners, people from different levels in the church structure, and across churches and countries) for conversations, joint reflections, and sharing of ideas and experiences. Also youth are welcome to be involved in project, as well as ecumenical partners. We have conducted a number of webinars on the pilot project on baptism in Spring 2021 and we are planning for a new series Fall 2021. More information about the webinars which have already taken place in the panels at the right side of the page.

Webinar 6: Tuesday 7th September 13-15 (CET): Baptism after corona

Webinar 7: Thursday 23rd September 13-15 (CET): Baptism and religious pluralism

Webinar 8: Tuesday 12th October 13-15 (CET): Drop-in baptism

Webinar 9: Wednesday 24th November 13-15 (CET); Baptism and eco-theology